Where To Make A Free Website

Many people are wondering where to make a free website. There are many companies that provide platforms for building free websites. Some are better than others. In the video below, I show you the fastest and easiest way I know to build a free website.



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Why Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Place To Make A Free Website

As I showed in the video above, Wealthy Affiliate takes care of hosting and installing WordPress in less than 30 seconds! I am not aware of a service that gets a live site up and running that quickly.


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Free Lessons And Video Tutorials


Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t just throw you to the wolves once your site is built. They show you how to setup your plugins and how to optimize your site for search engines and much more!


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Can You Really Make Money With A Free Website?

where to make a free websiteThis is a pretty popular question. After all, with so many people investing money into their online businesses, how can you really compete by using a free website? The fact is, whether you paid anything for your site or not has no bearing on your potential to make money with it. (Usually). It all comes down to getting traffic and your ability to convert that traffic into sales.


Now, if you are relying on getting traffic from high search engine rankings, having a free site could put you at a slight disadvantage. I’m not suggesting that you can’t get free traffic, it just might take a little more work. It really depends on the competition.


Getting Free Help

If you are not at a point where you can afford to invest in affiliate marketing training, there are sources for free help. You’re just going to have to dig around to find it. The only problem is, a lot of the free help available is outdated and some of it is not good to say the least. If the articles or videos are over 2 years old, the information could be obsolete.


I do have a few videos to help with common WordPress problems. You can access them here.


Upgrading Your Free Site

If you get serious about building your site and you decide to upgrade to a premium domain ($12 per year) Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy for premium members to replace their sub-domains with a premium domain. It’s as easy as pushing 1 button in fact! And, Wealthy Affiliate offers free hosting for their premium members at no extra charge. Unlimited free hosting!


That’s only one of the benefits of being a WA premium member. You also have unlimited use of their keyword tool. It’s the keyword research tool that I use for my sites and I have a good number of first page listings in Google. For me, the keyword tool alone is worth the cost of the membership!


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  1. Maxwell

    Hello admin, i found this post on 16 spot in google’s search results.

    I’m sure that your low rankings are caused by high bounce rate.
    This is very important ranking factor. One of the biggest reason for
    high bounce rate is due to visitors hitting the back button.
    The higher your bounce rate the further down the search
    results your posts and pages will end up, so having
    reasonably low bounce rate is important for
    increasing your rankings naturally. There is very useful wordpress plugin which can help you.

    • Steve

      Actually, the 16th spot for the phrase “where to make a free website” isn’t bad considering I do NO other promotions for this site. I also know for a FACT that bounce rates are NOT a big ranking factor so it seems you have been misinformed there. I’m not sure how you would even know what my bounce rate is or why you would make any assumptions about it.


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