What Is Ubersuggest?

Every once in a while you find a really cool, handy tool to help you with your affiliate marketing campaigns. Übersuggest happens to be one of those tools for me. So, What is Übersuggest? I’ll show you what this tool does and how you may find it useful as well.


Suggest On Steroids


That is their motto. Ubersuggest is a free, web based tool that helps you find hundreds of keyword phrases with a single click. There is no account to sign up for. You don’t even need to give them your email address. Just type in a partial keyword phrase, choose your language, fill in the captcha and see the results.



I wanted to see what kind of suggestions Übersuggest would return for the phrase “where to buy”. Within seconds, I had at least 270 keyword phrases I could research. This is far from being a complete list. Watch what I did next.





I chose a section of the page which had 10 results where the word following my chosen phrase started with the letter “b”. Then, I clicked the phrase “where to buy brewers yeast”. As you can see, I was then shown a sub-menu with 10 more results. You can even click those phrases and see even more!


This is a great way to find “low hanging fruit” keyword phrases and you may even discover a great micro-niche! In fact, you can see how I accidentally uncovered a potentially profitable niche using ubersuggest along side my favorite keyword research tool.


How Does Übersuggest Work?



Übersuggest works by using a feature called Google suggest. You have probably noticed that when you do a Google search, (or whatever search engine you use) a list of suggested phrases appears below your search bar as you’re typing. Übersuggest uses the top 10 suggested phrases with no added words first. Then it checks the suggested phrases by adding each letter of the alphabet individually.


In other words, it conducts a massive amount of searches in a second or two! If you’re one of those people, like me, who loves to really dig deeply into a niche for low hanging fruit, ubersuggest will save you many hours! It’s a lot of fun and it’s completely free!


Try it out, you’ll love it too.



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