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Many new affiliate marketers start out by learning how to make money with Clickbank. Clickbank is easy to join and there are many products in many niches which you can promote. Most of the product creators have beautifully designed sales pages that convert well and commissions can be as high as 75%!


Clickbank even sells courses on how to make money with Clickbank!

How I love irony 🙂




3 Ways  To Make Money With Clickbank


1. Websites.



Offering Clickbank products from your own website is probably the most obvious method. Some people own large authority sites that cover a range of topics allowing them to offer several Clickbank products. Others will focus on promoting 1 or 2 products and build a site around those particular products.


Another method for promoting Clickbank products through your website is by building a mailing list. If visitors like your site and they are willing to subscribe to a free newsletter, you have opportunities to “pitch” products that may offer a solution to a common concerns people may have within that niche.

Just be sure not to “sell” in every email you send or you will lose subscribers as fast as you gain them.



2. Advertising 


Some people have had some success selling Clickbank products through free ad sites. You need to be cautious when doing this though. Some of these methods can be seen as spammy and you could get banned from the site.


An internet marketing colleague of mine found some success promoting Clickbank products on Craigslist. Here’s how he did it.


He posted a simple ad in the “general labor” section for help wanted. He did not post a link to the product within that ad. He asked people to reply with any questions they had. He would then answer their questions and follow up with another question or two.


By doing this, he built a bit of trust and rapport with the people who responded to his ad which he then went on to recommend an appropriate product. In his first week he earned $100 in commissions. That’s not a ton of money by any means, but this is one ad in one city. You could certainly scale this up to many markets.




3. Pop-ups


Have you ever visited a website and seen a little box pop-up in the middle of your screen promoting a product? Those things can be selling machines and they’re not very hard to create. I found a WordPress plug in that makes it easy.


It’s not a free plug in. It costs $14.95 but 1 sale will more than pay for it in most cases. You can see a couple different ways that this plug in can be used along with a video that demonstrates how the inventor of the plug in generates a lot of sales without a website.

See It In Action



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  1. Peter G King

    I have always been wary of popups because I personally find them annoying.

    However your evidence of 30% click-thru is compelling. Any idea of conversion rates?

    Great info thanks – I will check out Click Jacker.

    • Steve

      Actually, I ran a test with that plug in and I it didn’t convert for me because I didn’t create a very attractive pop-up with it. In other words, I wasn’t really trying to convert but just looking for stats. Eventually I’ll find a good use for it. Thanks for stopping in Peter,

  2. Jason

    I’ve tried click bank in the past and never really knew how to promote it. You touch on some pretty good ideas here.I think I may take another shot at it.

    • Steve

      For years, Clickbank had a lot of spammy and questionable products but they have taken measures to clean it up. It’s very easy to get started with Clickbank because everyone is accepted strait away (at least they used to be). The problem is, they are not good at teaching people how to promote their products. You still need to get your affiliate marketing training elsewhere.

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