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Have you been trying to learn affiliate marketing without much success? Do you jump from site to site picking up little bits of information here and there hoping to find that magic bullet? Have you bought 15 or so different courses only to find that you’re not any closer to succeeding online?

I know exactly how you feel.


Been there, done that!


It’s a tough way to learn affiliate marketing because it leads to distractions. You end up with a thousand different idea’s and no idea where to begin. Eventually you put a halfhearted effort into a dozen different projects that add up to a resounding nothing!


At this point, many people will buy yet another course or worse yet, they will decide this won’t work for them and quit. I almost became a statistic myself until I learned to develop better habits. Here are a few things that got me off the course buying tread mill and moving toward actually building an online business.


Have A Plan For Your Affiliate Marketing Business


Once you take the time to develop a plan, it becomes much easier to stay focused on what it is you want to achieve. For me, that meant focusing on one site within one niche. In other words, no more jumping around from one project to another hoping something would work. After a couple months of working on one idea and developing that idea, I began to see some results!


Don’t Buy Any More Affiliate Marketing Courses – Yet


If you have purchased multiple learn affiliate marketing courses (like I have) stop!…….. Seriously, just stop it! I know what you’re thinking when you buy these courses. “This time it’s going to be different.” “This is gonna be the one I’ve been looking for.” Am I right? Don’t get me wrong, you can usually learn something useful in most of these courses. However, if you buy the next course without applying what you’ve learned from the last one, you are learning just enough to be frustrated!


Results don’t come overnight in this business so you need to put an honest effort into implementing what you’ve learned. If you have given it an honest effort and still aren’t seeing results, it may be time to move on and find something that will work. The information in some of the older courses may have become outdated and no longer work as well as they once did.


Treat Your Business Like A Business


Since most people don’t make significant amounts of money with their online businesses in the early stages, they don’t really treat it like a business. I’m not saying you need to become a slave to your business. Just figure out how much time you are willing to allot to your business every week and do your best to put in the time.


Be Consistent


Being consistent with your efforts has several benefits.

First, consistently adding new content to your site on a regular basis makes your site more visible to search engines. They will crawl your site more often and index your new content much quicker. This is also very helpful for your site’s overall ranking.

If you can add five or six posts to your site every week, great! If you can only add one or two, that’s OK, just be consistent. Being consistent also helps you build momentum. When you start to see results, it will build your confidence which will make you want to be even more productive.


Be Persistent


Persistence is probably one of the largest factors between the 5% who make it and the 95% who don’t. It’s easy to get discouraged and quit. Especially when you’re not seeing the results you’ve been hoping for. The one’s who are too stubborn to quit are the one’s who end up succeeding.

I would be willing to bet that most of the people who did make it in this business wanted to quit at one time or another. The one’s who made it persisted!


Success By Association


They say you become like the people you spend the most time around. For me, the best way to learn affiliate marketing has been spending time associating with other internet marketers. I was fortunate enough to find an amazing community of internet marketers where I get awesome training, advise and inspiration.


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 Affiliate Marketing Basics

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