How To Analyse Keywords

tag cloudLearning how to analyse keywords and keyword phrases is one of the most important aspects of SEO. I often see the question; “Why am I not getting any traffic to my site?” Many times, upon visiting their site’s,  it quickly becomes apparent that they don’t quite understand keyword analysis or how to use those keyword phrases effectively.


Hopefully I can shed some light on this subject here. I do not claim to be an SEO expert but what I can do is share some techniques that are working for me. And by working, I mean techniques that have gotten me a good number of first page rankings in Google.


It all starts with keyword research.


How To Find & Analyse Keywords


So, what makes a great keyword phrase?

There are 2 basic criteria:

  1. Fair Amount Of Monthly Searches
  2. Not Overly Competitive




I hate traffic! Unless we’re talking about  traffic to my sites 🙂 If you want to get the maximum organic traffic to your sites through search engine queries, you’ll need to learn how to find keyword phrases that are being searched for. I’m going to show you how to use a couple of free, nifty little tools to get the job done.




Before we get into how to analyse keywords, I want to touch on the subject of what to do with these keyword phrases. Another popular question I see is: “What am I supposed to do with these keywords once I find them?”

You will want to use your keyword phrase in the title of your posts/pages and somewhere within the first paragraph of your content. If it fits naturally within other sections of your content, that’s fine. Just don’t try to force it.






Ubersuggest is a cool way of finding popular search terms. People use more search terms to look for information than you could ever possibly think of on your own. If you enter a partial keyword phrase into Ubersuggest, the software will search for other words (a – z) that can be added to the phrase you’ve entered.


Test it for yourself. You don’t need to register or even enter an email address. Try typing in the phrase:

“Where to buy” (without the quotes). You should almost instantly get a list of 260 searched keyword phrases. Think about this, these people are actually looking to buy right now (in some cases). Can you see opportunity there?


You will want to record some of these results in a notepad (or whatever document you like) so you can do some keyword analysis with them. Choose keyword phrases that are most applicable to your niche or whatever niche you may want to research and plug them into ubersuggest as well. You’ll want to find at least 30 keyword phrases.




Analyzing You Keyword Suggestions


Now that you have some good keyword suggestions, we need to see how well they’ll perform and get an idea of how much competition they have. This is a premium keyword tool but, you can get 30 free searches and find enough quality keyword phrases to build a solid online business.








Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool that I’ve ever used. Jaaxy quickly displays a list of related keyword phrases along with monthly searches and competition. Rather than just tell you how great Jaaxy is, I’ll show you.


Going back to the previous example using Ubersearch, I typed in “where to buy” and started looking through the list. I thought I would have a little fun with this one so I chose “where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters”.



To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to find very impressive numbers but this is actually a pretty good niche. These are the results of my Jaaxy search:



The important numbers here are Monthly Searches and QSR (quoted search results).

The criteria I use is as follows:


  • 50 Monthly Searches Or More
  • QSR 300 Or Lower


As you can see, all of these keyword phrases get well over 50 monthly searches and most have a QSR below 300. And that is just by doing a single search with one keyword phrase!


ugly christmas sweaterO.K., so ugly Christmas sweaters gets some good monthly traffic and the competition is pretty light. So what? Well, I decided to see what had since I am an affiliate there. I typed: “ugly christmas sweaters” into the amazon search bar and got 20 pages of results! Like that wonderfully atrocious eye sore pictured on the right.

Could you imagine earning a commission for selling that thing?




 Want To Give Jaaxy A Test Spin?




Since ugly Christmas sweaters turned out to be a little more popular than I thought they would be, I decided to see if they got any PPC action. So, I went over to to see if there where any advertisers for similar keywords. Turns out they have 20 as I write this in mid July! Here are the results:



Advertisers are paying up to $2.26 per click for: mens ugly christmas sweaters! This just goes to show you that any niche can be profitable once you understand how to analyse keywords.


Questions or comments? Please leave them in the box below.




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  1. Joann

    Good Morning Steve,
    Your articles on keywords makes more sense than what I have been reading online. FINALLY, it is gonna click I think.
    What is ubersuggests? Is this a program or what? Never heard of this before. Perhaps I missed this in reading?!
    Great job Steve.
    Blessings, Joann

    • Steve

      Hi Joann. Ubersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool. Nothing to download and they don’t request any information from you at all. Give it a try. It’s actually a lot of fun!

  2. I think that I’m going to get me a sweater like that.
    Fabulous job on showing how a niche can be anything and how any niche can make good money.

    I was not aware of though. I will have to check that out.

    Some great work your doing here and I like how you have your signature at the bottom.

    How did you do that?

    • Steve

      Yes, even ugly Christmas sweaters can be a niche. Amazing isn’t it? I made that signature at I also create my custom “call to action” buttons there too. Thanks for stopping in once again Jason,

  3. Steve,
    I love the sweater you found, too funny. Great article on how to analyse keywords. Very easy to understand and apply. I had forgotten about Ubersuggest since I seem to rely so much on Jaaxy & Google Instant.

    Anyways, another great post as always, keep up the good work and I really appreciate the information that I learn from your site. Bravo.

    • Steve

      When Ubersuggest showed ugly Christmas sweaters, I knew I had to run with that one. Jaaxy is without a doubt, the best keyword research tool out there. Ubersuggest and Jaaxy make a great team if you want to uncover some off the wall or mainstream niche’s. Thanks for stopping in Todd,

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