How Long Should It Take To Build A Website?

I am often baffled when I see the question, “How long should it take to build a website?” This question assumes that a website could be finished at all. Since there is no limit to how big a website can get, it’s hard to determine what a finished website could be. I guess it would really depend on what you hope to achieve with your website.


In the video below, I show you how you can have a functioning site up and running in a mater of minutes!



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So I Need To Spend The Rest Of My Life Building My Site?


Not necessarily. There are people out there who own dozens or even hundreds of websites! It would be a monumental task to update that many sites on a regular basis. This is where outsourcing comes in. If a website is neglected for too long, you will start to lose you search engine rankings. Therefore, someone needs to keep these sites “alive”.


If a site is earning you $500 per month (for example) it would make perfect sense to outsource content creation for $50 per month (let’s say) to keep your site current with fresh content. Especially if you have a sizable portfolio of websites to manage.


How BIG Do You Want Your Site To Be?


If you are building a site for an offline business, then obviously your site doesn’t need to be that big. A site with just a few pages describing what you do with a way to contact you should suffice.

If you are building a site for an offline business, you would want to focus more on local marketing.


If you are building a site to sell products to a certain niche, you shouldn’t limit yourself as to how big you want your site to be. Every article you add to your site is another potential doorway bringing potential customers.


Paid Advertising 



If you are using paid advertising such as Google Adsense or Bing Ads, then you don’t need a lot of content. You can have a decent site up in only a couple days once you understand the basics of site building.


The only problem is, you could end up losing a lot of money if you don’t know how well your site converts. That’s why it’s better to start by learning how to build a site that get free traffic. Once you know your conversion rate, then you can start to think about buying traffic.


It usually takes a couple months to start getting traffic to a new website. Many people find this to be discouraging but I don’t. If it was easy, the competition would be brutal! The fact that most people give up too quickly means that those of us who persevere have a much better chance of building successful websites.


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