How To Use Keywords In An Article

how to use keywords in an article

Learning how to use keywords in an article can greatly impact your search engine results. The good news is, it’s pretty easy to do. Once you’ve placed them in a couple of strategically chosen locations, you can write your content in a natural way and you don’t need to think about them.   Placing Your … [Read more…]

How I Get Free Traffic To My Website

Getting free traffic to your website is probably not as hard as you think. It doesn’t require tricks or specialized knowledge. All it really takes is some common sense, research and a little bit of  hard work. I’ll show you exactly what I do and how I get free traffic to my website.   Once … [Read more…]

Learn SEO For Free

Why pay for SEO services when you can learn SEO for free? In this article I’ll show you several techniques that are easy to follow as well as effective. Once you learn to apply these techniques, you will not only know how to optimize each new page you publish, but also how your new pages … [Read more…]

What Is Ubersuggest?

Every once in a while you find a really cool, handy tool to help you with your affiliate marketing campaigns. Übersuggest happens to be one of those tools for me. So, What is Übersuggest? I’ll show you what this tool does and how you may find it useful as well.   Suggest On Steroids   That is … [Read more…]

What Is SEO Content Writing?

If you want to increase your chances of having your content found on that coveted first page of the search engines, you’ll want to understand some of the fundamentals of good SEO content writing.   Once you understand the fundamentals, you’ll find it’s much easier to get more and more of your content ranking higher … [Read more…]