Become An Affiliate Marketer

Ever since I first learned about the concept, I wanted to become an affiliate marketer. The idea of being able to work alone, where and when I wanted has always appealed to me. No commute, no alarm clock, no boss! And the entry fee compared to traditional businesses……. forget about it! A no-brainer as far as I was concerned.


I imagine this would be the ideal work situation for many people. Not everyone is is cut out to be an affiliate marketer though. Not because it is exceptionally hard. It’s just that so few people are willing to do what it takes. So, what does it take to becomes an affiliate marketer?


The Mindset Of An Affiliate Marketer


Successful affiliate marketers are entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur mindset is much different than that of an employee. An employee expects to know up front how much they will be paid for the work they perform. An entrepreneur understands that the work begins before there is even a running business!


An entrepreneur develops a vision for the kind of business they are planning to build and they get to work. They do not get hung up on how much money they’re going to make today, this week or even next month! They know they are building a long term asset and their vision keeps them moving forward everyday toward their goals!


Entrepreneurs often face criticism from friends and family who don’t understand what they are trying to accomplish. The dedicated entrepreneur keeps moving forward undeterred. They learn to use criticism as a motivator as opposed to becoming discouraged.


Become A Problem Solver 


Affiliate marketers are often thought of as people selling stuff to other people. While there is some truth to that, it’s not the whole story. Helping people find solutions to their problems is the real goal.

If people like you, trust you and feel like you can solve their problems, you can make sales all day long. If you are only in it to make money, your visitors will pick up on that and they will move on to another site.


Become A Student


If you’re planning to become an affiliate marketer as a long term career, you’re going to want to become a student of the industry. Learning should be a life long process no mater what you do but it is especially true in this business. There is always more to learn in this industry and if you’re not learning, your competitors probably are!


Learn From Your Mistakes 


Entrepreneurs do not fear mistakes. They understand that mistakes are an inevitable part of the process. Business owners who cannot admit to making mistakes often go out of business because they never learn. When you make a mistake (and you will) the best thing you can do is own it, learn from it and move on.


Learn To Accept Failure


Nobody likes to fail but entrepreneurs understand that failure is also just part of the process. Again, it’s an opportunity to learn, re-adjust and move on. Think about it this way; you never really fail. You just happened to produce an undesired result.

Failure is an event…….. NOT a person!


Never, Ever, Ever Give Up!


Of all of the traits of the entrepreneur, there is probably none more important than perseverance. They simply refuse to give up until they win!

It took me four attempts to build a website that received daily visitors. I was willing to build ten websites if I needed to! I am too stubborn to quit when I want to get something done.


Affiliate Marketing Basics


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