Affiliate Marketing Training

If you are looking for affiliate marketing training, there are tons of options out there.

Most training programs fall into one of two categories:


  1. Paid affiliate marketing training
  2. Free training that leads to paid training


I have never found free affiliate marketing training that will teach you even half of what you need to know to become really successful. You could probably find all of the information you need for free by picking up scraps of knowledge here and there. Jumping from one site to another looking for tips. If you have already been doing that, let me ask you a question……… How’s that working for you so far?


I’m not saying you should ignore any free training. Quite the contrary. Everyone should have an opportunity to at least get started for free. Test the waters. Find out if affiliate marketing is right for you.

That’s why the better affiliate training programs offer free trials. It’s like having a University let you “try out” some of their courses before committing to paying for your degree.




FREE Affiliate Marketing Training


Free e-books: Many sites offer a link to download a free e-book that is supposed to teach affiliate marketing. The actual intent behind most of these give away’s is to get you on their email list so they can relentlessly promote paid courses later.

Many of these e-books are outdated and amount to nothing more than 10 – 20 pages of hype and fluff. I have downloaded some of them and not only are they useless, but some of them will actually hurt your chances of succeeding online.


Membership sites: I believe membership sites are a great way (if not the best way) to learn affiliate marketing. There are several benefits to joining a membership site:


  • Up To Date Training
  • Centralized Information
  • Community
  • Support
  • Tools
  • Many more……


Because of the nature of membership sites, there is lots of daily activity which keeps all of the training and information up to date. Membership sites tend to compile massive amounts of useful information and having it in one central location makes it so much easier to learn.

Having a sense of community and the support of fellow members can be incredibly helpful in reaching your goals. The ability to have experts look at your site and make suggestions on how to improve your site is a huge benefit to finding the right membership site.




Try Before You Buy


A great affiliate training site will let check out their training for free. Usually for about a week. This should give you plenty of time to get a feel for how their training program works and how helpful they will be for you. They should also give some access to whatever tools they have created for their members. (These are usually tools that are not available anywhere else).

This will also give you a chance to decide if the membership provides enough value to justify the monthly fee’s. Some of these sites have multiple levels of membership and will try to up-sell you on other offers. I would suggest finding a program that offers everything for one price without the extra up-sells.




Affiliate Marketing Basics

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